Thursday, 18 September 2014

Updation status in Select box the Selected Value Echoed


            In the above code have to update the value in select box.the selected value in the 
            option value in database is to echoed in the select box.In this i have used PHP for 
            to echoed the values.I hope this will very usefull for Developers as well as Begineers.

<td >
<select name="shipping" onchange="showUpdate(this.value,'<?php echo $row['booking_number']; ?>')" style="width: 100px;" id="txtHint3" >
<option  <?php if ($row['shipping_status'] == "----" ) echo 'selected'; ?> value="----">----</option>
<option  <?php if ($row['shipping_status'] == "Delivery In Progress" ) echo 'selected'; ?> value="Delivery In Progress">Delivery In Progress</option>
<option <?php if ($row['shipping_status'] == "Delivered" ) echo 'selected'; ?> value="Delivered">Delivered</option>

PHP Coding For Update:

$id2=$_GET['id'];//Id is pass through ajax
$shipping=$_GET['status'];//Status is pass through ajax
mysql_query("update tbl_name set shipping_status='$shipping' where booking_number='$id2'");

echo "Status updated Successfully";

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