Tuesday, 2 July 2013

About PHP Framework

PHP Framework:

     1.It’s an Interface between Application &OS.
     2.Collection of Classes,Applications&Libraries of SDKS&APIS to help the different Components 
all work together.
     3.It’s reusable set of libraries or classes for a software system(or sub system).

PHP Framework?
1.  This is a comparison of notable web application frameworks.
2.  PHP is the world’s most popular scripting language for many different reasons – flexibility,
 ease-of-use, among others – but often times coding in PHP, or
 any language for that matter,can get rather monotonous and repetitive. That’s 
wherea PHP frameworkcan help.
3.PHP frameworks streamline the the development of web applicationswritten in PHP by providing
 a basic structure for which to build the web applications.
4.  In other words, PHP frameworks help to promote rapid application development (RAD),
 which saves you time, helps build more stable applications, and reduces the amount of
 repetitive coding for developers.
5.  PHP framework is referred to as Model View Controller (MVC).
6.  MVC->Model refers to data, View refers to the presentation layer,and Controller to the
 application or business logic. 

Use a PHP Framework?
1.  Speeding.
2.  Reusing code 
3.  Stability.
4.  Simplicity.
5.  The availability of PHP frameworks is extensive

When to use a PHP Framework?
1.  It will help reduce or eliminate bad coding and speed up the build process.
2.  When working on a project with tight deadlines, utilizing a PHP framework is a huge benefit 
that can greatly speed up the coding process.
3.  when you’re working on projects with substantial amounts of monotonous coding,
because it will help make the job much less tedious.

What to Look for in a PHP Framework?
1.  Rapid development/performance
2.  Popularity amongst other developers
3.  Strong features
4.  Support/forums

Advantage of PHP Framework?
1.  Ease-of-use, features
2.   Support availability
3.  Scope of the community surrounding the framework
4.   Possible shortfalls.

Types PHP Framework?
There are 20 PHP Frame works:
1.  App Flower 2.ez Publish  3. CakePHP  4. CodeIgniter  5. Fat free6. Fuel PHP 
7. Horde 8.Joomla 9. Lithium 10. Miggard 11. Modx 
12. Qcodo 13. Seagull14. Symfony 15.Silverstripe 16. TYPo3 17. Xaraya 18. Zend 19. Zeta Components 20.Yii.
But the Top of them is 4 only:
1.Cake PHP  2.CodeIgniter 
3.Yii Framework 4.Zend Framework

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  1. You forgot about Kohana (What Fuel is based on) and Etomite (What Modx was forked from).